Designing and Ordering Instruction


At the completion of the instruction and the self-guided study aid, the students will analyze simple waveforms and determine effects of their interactions.
This goal is in the cognitive domain.


At the end of this instructional module, the learner will:
  • explain basic waveform characteristics: amplitude, frequency, polarity, and phase
  • calculate relationships between time, frequency, and phase
  • differentiate the interaction of two waveforms with same and opposite polarity
  • examine the interactions of two waveforms with varying phase
  • determine the cause and effects of comb filtering

Models for Organizing Events of Instruction:

The field of instructional design is loaded with theories and models for organizing the events of instruction. These include Gagne’s nine events of instruction, Reigeluth’s Elaboration Theory, Keller’s ARCS model, Tomlinson’s Direct Instruction model, CAST Universal Design for Learning, and Understanding by Design. There is some overlap between the various models, but they each have their own unique focus.
I will be utilizing the Understanding by Design model. It relies on what is referred to as ‘backward design’ Rather than starting with the curriculum and the textbook, the design starts from the outcomes and chooses the materials that will drive toward students achieving the outcomes.

Example Instructional Module:

The following is an example of a PowerPoint for teaching the effect of combining two waveforms - with the same polarity and with opposite polarity. First the concept of polarity is reviewed and examples of same and opposite polarity are shown. Then the combination (addition) of two same polarity waveforms is shown. Finally, a waveform is added to its polar opposite, and the result is a complete cancellation. Audio excerpts accompany the slideshow. Unfortunately, these are not included in the Slideshow version, but both a KeyNote and PowerPoint version can be downloaded.

Keynote Document download (audio embedded)

PowerPoint document download (Package includes PowerPoint and audio files)

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